Elif Sen

Elif Sen
Elif Sen, Salon Owner

In lieu of going to cosmetology school, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to apprentice for two years with a great mentor and his team of talented stylists. During this apprenticeship I trained on administering full consultations with clients, cutting techniques, coloring formulas, and styling a wide variety of hair types and textures. My mentor also had me train in the customer service aspect of the salon, booking appointments, targeted retail suggestions, and arranging guest’s visits. My apprenticeship influenced and shaped me into a skillful stylist with great customer service care.

I believe its important to only give my guests what compliments their individual style and lifestyle. I will offer you color techniques, cuts, and products that suite your individuality. I start each visit with a full consultation to ensure that I stay current with their hair needs and lifestyle changes. I will examine my client’s hair and make note of any observed changes. The health of my client’s hair is very important to me; after all it does carry my name on it. During the consultation I share new techniques and ways to stay with the current trends, and the latest ways to keep healthy, shiny hair.

Completed Education/Classes

Education Apprenticeship at Capricio salon 2001-2003, Certified color specialist for All Nutrient organic color, Mirabella make up class, Redken cutting class, Redken color class, Redken formal updo/style, Andi’s men’s barbering class.

Important Tips for My Clients

  1. Ladies try not to wrap your wet hair in a towel. Wet hair is very fragile and twisting it and pulling it taught will cause breakage and unnecessary damage.
  2. Always comb wet hair with a wide tooth comb rather than brushing it. This will help preventing your from tearing and damaging your hair.
  3. NEVER pull, twist or tie up wet hair, this causes the hair to stretch get damaged.
  4. Try using products that have benefits such as heat protecting, color protecting, UV protecting, and has the ability to smooth hair and treat it all in one. Two great suggestions are Moroccan Oil or Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment. Stay away from products that have a lot of alcohols in it such as gels, and mousse.
  5. Make sure to try to section hair when styling with round brush or other tools. Having control of each section will help control tangling of hair.
  6. IF you are good at round brush styling your hair, and have less course hair, try to let your hair dry 50% before you section and round brush. This will help cut back on excessive stretching and pulling wet hair.
  7. To ensure a smooth, sleek blow out at home make sure to use your cold flash button when finishing each section. This not only helps the cuticles lay flatter which makes hair shinier but it helps set the style as well.
  8. Keep all your hot tool temperatures at 275-300 degrees only, and again section hair off and don’t go over the same section over and over with flat irons.
  9. To get great volume in your hair blow dry your hair upside down and blow dry sections in opposite directions that you want it to lie. Finish the ends with a round brush or big curling iron for extra bounce. (we also offer great volumizying products at ZEN)
  10. Lastly, try to switch to satin pillow cases to help keep hair silky and shiny, and help with less breakage to colored or distressed hair.

I hope these suggestions help you in your day-to-day life and with the health of your hair as they do my guests. Please feel free to call (414.967.7977) or stop in for your complimentary consultation. thanks, Elif